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How can physiotherapy help you?

Physiotherapy plays a science-based role in healing, pain relief and rehabilitation. Helping muscles, ligaments, nerves and joints recover from injury and dysfunction. By tailoring your treatment and rehabilitation to fit in with your lifestyle we successfully treat a wide spectrum of conditions including:

Spinal problems
  • Back ache, disc prolapse, sciatica, neck pain, referred shoulder / arm pain
Joint problems
  • Following surgery such as replacements, ligamentous reconstruction, repair and re-alignment
  • Arthritis pain / swelling / stiffness in any joints
  • Musculo-skeletal dysfunction and weakness
Sports injuries
  • To joints, muscles, ligaments, tendons, eg dislocations and sprains, overuse and repetative strain injuries
  • Treatment may be given during the healing process or to restore function once the bones have healed

We offer:

  • Fast diagnosis.
  • The latest researched treatments and interventions to promote speedy recovery, including manipulation, mobilisation and soft tissue massage.
  • Education regarding your injury, empowering you to manage your condition.
  • Individualised exercise programmes to treat your condition.
  • Expert advice for athletes regarding how to safely return to training as soon as possible after an injury and / or how to safely train when injured.
  • Individualised hydrotherapy sessions.
  • We understand the importance of referring you on to appropriate NHS / Private organisations for further investigations and diagnostics when needed and we have strong links with local services.

All our Physiotherapists are highly trained and registered with Chartered Society of Physiotherapy and the Health Professionals Council.

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